About Us


The raging content bull you are presented with today did not always start with as many readers and writers as we do today, humble beginnings are what we got and built on till we achieved the magnitude of attention that we won’t take for granted no matter how big it gets.

When the readers come to our platform, the content they experience is always a product of the original efforts of writers around the globe in search of the latest technological developments and providing first hand experiences of key point innovations.

We always had the view of not covering the news that fizzles out as quickly as it came to be. With that line of thought, the content that gets approved (from the thousands waiting in queue) will have to be revolutionary in a sense or promising follow up development in the future. Enough to cause considerable changes for the good of the lives of our readers and their families/companies.

The passion we follow up on stories with is always replenished when readers resonate with the opinions of well placed content, and talk back with confirmation of usefulness of the concepts exposed. All writers live for this experiences, and with them the company progresses.