As per Teskostudio, fans of IT consulting in Toronto might be interested to learn that Alithya, which is Quebec’s biggest private strategic consulting/managed it solutions in Toronto region just reported highlights for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2016. Revenues of the company rose 100% to about $120 million within the past year. The increase was driven by purchases, partnerships, as well as organic growth. Last year Alithya expanded the services it offered and geographic scope by adding more than 500 It professionals and mostly in Canada.

This resulted in a total international team of almost 1,200 workers.

Pay Raymond is Alithya’s CEO. He stated that in fiscal year 2016 the company accomplished strong top-line growth and has also tripled its revenue during the last four years. He shared that the company is founded on creating long-term business relationships with its current clients and bringing in new customers/talent.

Raymond stated that the company’s objective is to make the size of Alithya over two times greater during the next 3 years. That will be increasing expansion within Canada and also entering the US market. He stated that the company’s’ track record shows that its improved ability to rival other major worldwide players. Due to the support of the company’s key partners, as well as the experienced management team, the company is in the right position to be tools for change and a means of combining the industry of IT consulting.

During late 2015 Alithya bought Groupe conseil OSI based in Montreal. That made it Quebec’s biggest private IT consulting company and also a big time player in the country. It boosted Alithya’s mass by adding talent and customers, and improving the service offered. The business transaction also brought on board a capital investment fund and other investors to the company.

Alithya has also experienced organic growth during fiscal year 2016 by securing other mandates from many new clients in the private/public sectors. It won a mandate with a scope of Canada from TELUS Health in order to build big system applications. The company was also mandated to provide studies, business architecture, as well as project management services to the city of Quebec’s RAMQ health insurance board.

In addition, Alithya improved its Air France partnership by giving the European airline extra application development serves as well as wider tech support across IT applications. Meanwhile, the company’s relationship/mandates with CN keep growing. Alithya provides the company various IT services.

During the early part of 2015 Alithya made a long-term deal with TELUS, which has been a strategic customer for the company, in order to grow its information/communication tech services that centers on solutions for managed infrastructure for its business clients. Via this partnership the company has make its team stronger. That’s been through adding almost 100 TELUS Professional Services workers. As a result of the teaming up, TELUS also received a stake in the Alithya company.

Alithya has also boosted its national presence throughout Canada with 6 locations in Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Montreal. It’s also expended its presence in France.

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